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Homeless Voices Heard in Ukraine - Anime from Joel Grip on Vimeo.

Public Health Music

PHM is based out of Stockholm, Sweden, as a division of KILEN - Consumer Association of Medicines and Health - a Stockholm based non-governmental organization which has worked in the area of consumer awareness, safety about medicines and health the last 30 years.
PHM's vision is to use the force of music and arts expression to advocate change for the needs of disadvantaged groups in society by amplifying their reality and convey their message to the general public in hope of creating a stronger and healthier society.

Public Health Music
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Homeless Voices Heard in Ukraine, 2005-2009.
The objective of this Public Health Music project is to listen to and enforce the creativity of homeless kids and youth in Ukraine. The project seeks to document the strength they maintain despite their exposed social position. In this project the homeless voices will be heard. With support from professional artists, musicians, recording engineers, filmmakers, and others, the homeless children of Odessa and Kiev are going to be involved in the production of a CD, DVD, and booklet. The artistic managers will be the kids themselves. They will learn about music and art and a way of using their own creativity to make their voices heard.
This project will be realized through workshops in music, sound engineering, and art. A number of live public concerts will be recorded and filmed. There will be an exhibition of the art made by the children. Instruments that have been kindly donated will be given to shelters and organizations supporting the children on a day-to-day basis.
The homeless voices will make a difference.
Only the children can pass on the reality of living on the streets. This information is what the general public needs to hear and understand. The stories of the homeless will be distributed throughout the world. The money made from selling the CD and DVD will in full go right back to the managers and artists themselves: the homeless children of Ukraine. The most important part of this project is to lay a solid foundation for the ongoing artistic and entrepreneurial involvement of the kids; the effort is for them to continue to develop their own personal creativity and success. The aim is not only to leave them with a CD, a DVD, and a place to gather and exchange artistic ideas, but to leave with a feeling of pride and hope for a future far away from criminality, drugs and poverty.